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What We Do

Tricon's well proven expertise in IT management helps our customers meet their agile demands through best in class services including:

  • Data Management Strategy

  • Data Architecture and Infrastructure Support

  • Data Integration

  • Data Quality

  • Data Analytics

Data Management Strategy

Tricon has years of experience developing data management strategies for organizations looking to consolidate and modernize IT systems, standardize data and data definitions, and manage data and metadata assets.  Our 360 assessment approach helps to identify the root problems often missed by others and allows us to develop custom comprehensive solutions involving technology, people, and policy.

Data Architecture and Infrastructure Support

Tricon has developed numerous enterprise data architecture solutions ranging from enterprise conceptual and logical data models to data exchange approaches among IT systems.  We also specialize in architecting, implementing, and maintaining application servers, database servers, and COTS solutions that are optimized for high availability and reliability while meeting all the latest security standards.

Data Integration

Tricon has proven years of experience in designing and implementing data integration solutions including but not limited to systems consolidation, batch and real-time data warehouses, data virtualization, and master data management. We experience and lessons learned from integrating data from various architectures and environments allows us to develop efficient techniques for accessing data so you can devise the best method for leveraging your data within the scope of your project.

Data Quality

Tricon can assist your organization in data profiling and data quality measurement, parsing and standardization, cleansing, matching, monitoring and enrichment for core business data that business relies on to for their daily activities or for making key decisions.  We can help to develop a data quality strategy that includes infrastructure, data quality processes, policies and people (governance), and ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of data quality processes by a cross-functional team across your enterprise.

Data Analytics

Tricon experts use technology, proven frameworks, tools and domain expertise to turn problems into successful business outcomes, delivering data visualization, business intelligence and data analytic solutions under one umbrella. We can help your organization to prepare for future trends and achieve a distinct competitive edge by unlocking the hidden opportunities and insights from your structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Tricon Data Analytics services team can help your organization to identify the data that is best suited to your analytic needs, understand the data and the challenges inherent in that data, define and specify data cleansing, formatting, and blending needs, evaluate, recommend and implement landscape of tools and technologies for modern data analytics.


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